It’s that time of year where snow is falling, music is playing, bells are jingling, and kids are drooling over the toys everywhere like a patient with Bell’s Palsy. Your EM Over Easy crew has put together their 3rd annual Holiday Gift Guide to help you find the perfect gift for that health care provider you know! This episode is strung with great content, ranging from a ridiculous amount of travel related gifts to some higher end, big ticket items. Check out the episode on your favorite podcast app, and be sure to check out the links below to some of the things we talk about on the episode!

Peace, Love, and Joy,

Tanner, Drew, and Andy

PS – These are affiliate links below. By using the links on here Amazon gives us a little kickback to help fund our podcasting adventure here on EMOE. Trust us, it doesnt come close to a major amount but anything helps!

Travel Gifts:
Andy found his preferred way to be organized while he’s traveling! These come highly recommended for all travelers except Drew, who has impeccable packing skills at baseline.

Traveling abroad? Make sure to have a universal charger so you dont run into the 21st century version of complete and utter hopelessness, being unable to charge your electronic devices!

Tanner finally took the dive and grabbed some Apple Airpods. He resisted for forever, but once you go wireless, you may never go back! Enjoy the freedom of no cords hanging around your neck today! He uses them while traveling, working out, and video conferences with good results!

And check out the new “Pro” edition with soft ear buds for those who dont like the apple ear bud at baseline (or have small ear canals like Drew).

Household Gifts:

These coffee mugs are a hit at the Kalnow’s house! Lot’s of options for style and quantity, but highly recommended!

Sperry boat shoes are the recommended style from our local GQ model, Drew. Andy enjoys the comfort, Drew enjoys the style!

Here is Andy’s favorite version of the casual, boat-shoe style foot sheaths.

Nothing beats sleep. It is the king of feeling good, especially for the busy medical provider. Andy has recently found a way to avoid insomnia, and cannot recommend the weighted blanket enough! Perfect for naps or night time sleeping to keep you cozy!

Tanner has been a convert for the past few years, nothing helps post night shift sleep like a sleep mask! Lots of versions on there, but recommend looking for one that has a contoured fit so that your eyelashes dont touch the material to truly allow for blissful sleep!

Games are always a hit with the guys, and this is one of Andy’s new favorites! Funny, fun, and easy to pick up!

This classic game has been a staple in many of our EMOE households. An easy game to learn, but so much fun to play over and over with family members. Strategize your way to besting your family members and building the best train routes around the country!

Good food is always a good gift, and this little bottle packs a punch of flavor. Not too spicy, not too sweet, it’s a great addition to your food absorption device (aka your mouth).

Andy’s new go-to sunglasses! Stylish, sharp, and a good value! Tanner can vouch they look great while outside and his son loves to wear them too!

Tanner and Drew have used these sunglasses for the past several years and have loved them. All polarized, and TONS of random color combos. Pop on your next run or fly fishing adventure!

A little bit bigger ticket item, but Tanner loves the idea of gaining time back for the people you love, and one way to do that is avoiding having to vacuum. That’s right, stop waisting the 20 minutes to an hour wearing your shoulder out vacuuming when you can ditch that chore to a ROBOT.

Tanner became obsessed this year with Audible, the audiobook program by Amazon. Think of it like podcasts, but more in depth, more robust, and a hell of a lot longer haha! If you click the link below, it will take you to the membership page, where you can sign up to do a free month trial. Give it a try, see if you like it, our guess is you probably will!
Audible Gift Memberships

Drew is in love with this book, not only because it’s fun, but because of the insightful view from space can make an impact on us down here on Earth.

Even after seeing the movie, this book has rocketed up the list of Tanner’s all time favorite books. Super sciency. Super Geeky. Super adventurous. Worth the read.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! Andy has been loving the message behind this easy to read book from the author who wrote Steal Like an Artist.

The basis for one of our most recent episodes, we advocate that you seek to find a not just a mentor, but a sponsor.

Podcasting Gifts:

Andy thinks the world of this new podcast specific mic. Entry level cost for a higher end audio recording tool.

Nothing says pro like a mic boom arm! Look legit on video recording sessions and also improve your audio by taking out that “put my coffee mug down on the desk” surface sounds.

Tanner still loves his Blue Yeti microphone because of it’s simple, versatile abilities with a low entry cost. Many models and colors to choose from!

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

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