It’s that time of year again Listnee’s! The EM Over Easy Holiday Gift Guide is here! There are a ton of great ideas from years past, but this year’s episode has gifts of all shapes and sizes ready for you. Check out the links below for direct access to some of the gifts recommended by Andy, Drew, Patricia, and Tanner. If you have any other ideas for us, don’t hesitate to reach out so we can spread the word to all of our fans!


Happy Holiday’s!


The EMOE Crew


Stocking Stuffers

Hand Salve: Many different kinds, here is one that has the EMOE stamp of approval.

Socks: Andy loves the Bombas Socks. They “support him”.

Blue Light Glasses: Plenty of options on Amazon for easy blue light blocking glasses, perfect for computer time or at night trying to go to bed. Pit Viper Sunglasses are a big choice for Doctors Hospital!

Local Coffee Roasters: Find a local coffee roaster, and do a package to sign up for a monthly delivery or something similar (Drew loves Thunderkiss coffee in Columbus, OH). He also recommends this coffee maker, and this coffee grinder to maximize your coffee experience.

Sleepphones: Drew recommends this (though hasnt tried it yet) as a way to maximize the thing we NEED the most: Sleep. Check them out!

Magazine Subscription: Drew and Andy love the real pages of a paper magazine (Tanner still loves the digital due to travel space saved).

Puzzles: Patricia had a great recommendation to snag some puzzles for your special someone. It’s a great way to wind down at night, sit next to each other, and relax. Tanner is obsessed with Stumpcraft puzzles, easily the best puzzle he has ever done.

Scrubcap: unfortunately the pandemic is real, and having your scalp (hair or no hair) covered is an easy way to prevent transmission of COVID-19 from the patients we are all seeing. Andy’s wife has put together an awesome assortment of scrub caps, and trust us, they rock. We will easily be in this pandemic from a healthcare standpoint for another 6+ months even with a vaccine, so protect your skulls people.


Mid-Range Gifts

Nice pair of shoes: Andy is a big believer that money spent on your feet is well worth it. One of his favorites is All Birds.

House Shoes: Tanner saw Andy’s outdoor shoes and flipped the script to inside shoes. Inspired by his Scandinavian in-laws, he’s been loving his Kyrgie Felt House Shoes for the past year. There is something nice about the routine of a good house shoes that allows your feet to be comfy and make you feel at home, even on a cold winter’s day.

Crated with Love: Drew loves a date-in-a-box during a pandemic!

Board Games: This crew loves a good board game. Andy likes tossing tacos… or throwing burritos? Settlers of Catan is a classic they love at his household as well, and Tanner’s family enjoy’s Camel Up for a rousing camel betting race and Crokinole for those nights sipping adult beverages with friends.

Jackbox Games: Tanner and Patricia are huge fans of Jackbox games during the pandemic, because it let’s you play with friends and family around the world, all logged into one game at the same time.

Succulent Plant: Tanner and his wife have been adding several plants from a local succulent plant shop over this year to increase the hygga of their house. Succulents come in many shapes and sizes, are a little more forgiving than other plants, and will really help improve the aesthetics of the places we are all spending waaaaaay to much time in right now.

Good Vest for on shift: Tanner and Drew are definitely part of Team Vest, and this one by Northface is Drew’s favorite (even if it means cheating on Patagucci to wear it he says).

Big Ticket Items

Peloton/Exercise Equipment: Andy has fallen in love with his Peloton bike, as it allows for him to have a nice workout while also staying safe during a pandemic. Drew also advocates for this, and his eldest child may be the next tour fiend after the amount of miles he has put on it.

Fitbit: Patricia has been really impressed with the Fitbit helping her track her activity during these tough social distanced times, as well as sleep and stress levels. An easy way to start working on your health today!

Smoker Grill: Tanner has been embracing the home life by diving into good food and eats made on the smoker grill. These recipes tend to take time (potentially days!) but OMG, the food made off of these grills is fantastic and the process of creating it is just as fun. He uses the Green Mountain Grill brand and has loved the customer services associated with them.

Apple Airpods Pro: Drew is obsessed with these. He talked about them last year, and they are back for round 2. He prefers the Pro model for the noise cancelling and fit, and Tanner has been a huge advocate for wireless ear buds or the base Airpod model for all his travel needs.

All 4 hosts on this episode HIGHLY recommend travel, as it’s good for the soul. With the current pandemic though, we need to be smart to keep ourselves safe as well as others. Until then, creating a travel savings fund and adding to it monthly will help offset the costs when things finally open up safely!

Book Recommendations

Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth – By Col. Hadfield

Keep Going – Austin Kleon

Audible Subscription

Try to Kill as Few Patient’s as Possible – Oscar London

The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicles Book 1) – Patrick Rothfuss

The Fart Book 

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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