In life we have many goals in life to complete when it comes to our career, health, financial, hobbies and/or events. In this episode our host Andy, our energizer bunny of ideas and Tanner the sleep deprived dad with co host John the Jedi Master and our bad to the bone guest Geoff.  In this episode our host, co host and guest host talk about setting up goals, successfully completing goals to what to do next if there are complications in completing our goals.


Setting Goals

Starting the planning process for goals can be similar to having an assignment to complete. Setting these goals usually have “themes” such as your career, personal life or even hobbies. A great example is when someone especially those in medicine in terms of residency, boards, CME to even credentialing. Making these goals can easily help with having a longer and happier career and even avoiding burnouts from multiple stressors. The end goal of setting your goals is to make sure to give yourself joy and satisfaction of completing tasks like using the SMART mnemonic.


Steps to Successfully Completing Goals

  • Making/Choosing goals
  • Using the SMART mnemonic (as seen on the picture above)
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Relevant
    • Timed Based
  • Making a check/to-do list
    • Taking on smaller goals to completing the main goal
  • Having good discipline
    • Avoiding procrastination
    • Completing smaller goals in a timely manner
    • Staying relevant to the main goal
  • Having fun with the goal setting as it’ll make it easier to complete it
  • Decide if it is worth it and keeping it relevant to the topic


Goal Failing

  • “Getting back on the horse”
  • Taking a different approach
  • Procrastination going with the “eat the frog philosophy” eat the biggest/ugliest one that is most suitable for you
  • Failed procedures
    • Consulting specialist when needed
    • Doing what is best for the patient
  • Andy used an example when training for a marathon he sustained an injury
    • Game plan for a healthier come back came back for the next run
  • Personally I am in my second attempt into getting into PA school this cycle where i have a new game plan for this cycle
    • Taking on additional clinical hours to continue educating myself
    • Complete what is missing in previous cycle
    • Getting a high test score for admission


Take Home

  • Being smart on making the goals
  • Taking the goals step by step
  • Making your own appropriate timeline
  • If failed
    • Try again
    • Evaluate what is needed to complete the goal, Taking a different approach if needed
    • Do not be hard on yourself as failure is one of the best ways to learn from your mistakes


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About our Guest: Geoff Comp, DO is currently the Associate Program Director of Creighton EM in Phoenix Arizona formerly known as Maricopa County.







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Episode 104 Goal Setting

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