There are times in our lives when we feel the most comfortable when we are in a stretch and when we are experiencing, what some may describe as “white knuckle terror”. In this episode, all four of our hosts, Andy, John, Drew, and Tanner discuss the Rule of Thirds as it can be applied to medicine and to our daily lives.


Personal Growth

The Rule of Thirds can be used in many ways to help us achieve personal growth. It can be situational in that ideally, we should spend one-third of our time in our comfort zone, one-third in a stretch, and one-third in “pure white-knuckle terror”. Additionally, it can be applied to how we divide our time and the types of people we choose to spend that time with. For example, we should find balance in spending one-third of our time with people who know more than we do, one-third with those who share a similar mindset, and one-third mentoring others. Personal growth can also be achieved by reflecting on previous experiences outside our comfort zone.


Rule of Thirds in Our Career

  • One-third of the job, you should easily be able to do from your prior experience and talents.
  • One-third of the job should be something that is close to what you have experience in, but will require some effort to master.
    • Ex: A physician treats an uncommon case and resorts back to when they treated a similar case in residency or was taught about it in medical school.
  • The last third should be entirely new for you.


Take Homes:

  1. The rule of thirds can be applied to multiple aspects of life varying from our jobs/careers, and new life experiences to trying out new activities.
  2. Finding a way to focus your work, life, and fun is vital to a long career in EM.

Post by Rick Dasilva





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The Rule of Thirds

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