In this episode, our hosts, Drew, John, Tanner, and Andy, reminisce and discuss the last 7 years of EM Over Easy!

How It Started…

Team: Andy, Drew, and Tanner

Location: DK Diner (Columbus, OH)

Listeners: Andy, Drew, and Tanner’s Moms

Content: #MoreThanMedicine conversations before they were popular


How It’s Going…

Team: Andy, Drew, Tanner, John, Kaitlin, Patricia, Rick, Jordan, Shannon, Pelin, and Anna

Location: National Conferences (ACOEP, ACEP, CORD, etc.) as well as remote recording

Listeners: People from across the country and abroad

Content: > 200 episodes, EM Over Easy LIVE Shows, Med Student Over Easy Series, multiple collaborations with other shows, all the guests that the original hosts set out to have on the show except one!


Best Part of the Past 7 Years…

Getting to spend time together and having an excuse to stay connected.

Moving the conversation to not just being about patient care, but also focusing on the practitioner.

The authenticity of the conversations and having them recorded to revisit over time.

The opportunity to have had so many guests on the show and to have provided opportunities for sponsorship by building our team.


Thank you to our listeners and our sponsors for your continued support!



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7 Years of EM Over Easy

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