Match Day can be one of the most exciting days for someone as they get into the program they always wanted, or even take a different path than originally expected. The whole process of matching into programs is one of the weirdest normalized processes for any career choice. Sudden changes in life may occur that can be very difficult, especially for those with families. Changes are not always as bad as they may seem, as changing different fields to career paths might be something you come to enjoy unexpectedly.

Matching Process
  • Difficult process
    • Traveling long distances for interviews/rotations
    • May not get into your number 1 program
  • Different years get specific rotations
    • Elective rotations
    • EM is usually 4th year; less likely potential interest
  • COVID changes
    • More Precautions
    • Limitations for med students
  • Applying to competitive specialties versus having a backup
  • Unmatched spots
    • EM has had an increasing amount over the past two years
Showcasing Emergency Medicine
  • Showing “The Sexiness of EM”
    • More exposure to EM
  • Someone who is in a residency who did not want to be in the program
    • Worry about losing a fellow resident
    • Concern for uninterested program/Unfilled spots
    • Making their experience enjoyable
  • EM has all different aspects of medicine
    • Consulting different specialties
    • Able to have a well-rounded knowledge of all specialties
  • Different fellowships with EM
    • Sports Medicine, EMS, Med Ed, Pediatrics, etc.
  • Conferences
    • Great way to meet people
    • Helps others understand EM lifestyle

Post by Rick Dasilva


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